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Raw Materials and it’s Applications

April 8, 2024

Polypropylene: Polypropylene is used mainly for production of water filter cartridges, due to its inertness towards acid, and alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, and strong corrosive liquids and gases. It is mainly used for filtration applications. Uses in ultrapure liquids, electronics, and plating and industries is another segment where polypropylene filters are used.

Cotton: Natural cotton is another good choice for the filters, and is suitable and used for oil, water, paint, organic solvent, and petroleum. Usually, natural cotton is not FDA approved. Bleached cotton is thereby used to meet the FDA standards, and used in applications such as distilled water, beverages, vegetable oil, petrol, fatty acids, and alcohol.

Rayon: Rayon has properties and uses similar to cotton, but it is coarser, and less absorbent. It also swells in aqueous solutions. The advantage of using Rayon is in high temperatures.

Polyester: Polyester yarn is used for production of water filter cartridges, and similar to polypropylene, with temperature resistance of 150ºC.

Nylon: Nylon raw material is used for special process applications, concentrated alkalis, and hydrocarbons. It can also be used for temperatures up to 150ºC.

Glass fibre: For higher temperatures up to 400ºC, glass fibre filter cartridges are used.

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