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Wool & recycled cotton Yarn

Introduction to wool & recycled cotton yarn

Wool and recycled cotton yarn is a specialized type of yarn crafted from two distinct materials: wool, sourced from sheep's fleece, and recycled cotton, derived from discarded cotton fabric. The process involves recycling garments into fibers, which are then spun into yarn. This recycled cotton yarn is combined with wool fibers to create a unique blend.

Properties of wool & recycled cotton yarn

Warmth: Provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm in cold weather.

Softness: Offers a comfortable and gentle feel against the skin.

Breathability: Allows airflow to prevent overheating and ensure comfort.

Moisture Absorption: Wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable.

Durability: Strong and resilient, ensuring longevity in various applications.

Sustainability: Eco-friendly choice, reducing textile waste and utilizing recycled materials.

Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of crafting and textile projects.

Color Retention: Maintains vibrant colors over time, holding dyes well.

Application of wool & recycled cotton yarn

Crocheting: Employed in crocheted blankets, shawls, and accessories for its versatility and ease of working.

Accessories: Used in creating bags, pouches, and accessories like headbands and scrunchies for their versatility and style.

Weaving: Utilized in woven textiles such as blankets, throws, and rugs for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Types of wool & recycled cotton yarn

  • 100% wool yarn
  • Recycled cotton yarn
  • Wool-cotton yarn
  • Wool-acrylic yarn
  • Chunky wool yarn
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